Writing Intensive Courses

The Writing Intensive (WI) Requirement

Faculty across the curriculum share responsibility for helping students learn the conventions and rhetorical practices of their disciplines.

Passed in December 1993 by the Faculty Senate, implemented in Fall 1995, and amended in May 1997, the Writing Intensive (WI) requirement stipulates that, “every undergraduate student must complete at least one writing-intensive course in the major at the 300 level or above.”

While other courses in the major may require written projects, the purpose of a designated Writing Intensive (WI) course in the major is to instruct students in the main types of writing practiced by members of the discipline. Specifically, the course must give students opportunities to draft and revise based on instructor feedback so that they can practice the writing processes, forms, and conventions expected in the field.  The WI requirement was mandated by the Faculty Senate, and the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Committee convened to oversee the requirement. The WAC Committee understands that writing varies by discipline, and thus instructors in the discipline are most qualified to teach writing practices specific to the major.

Writing Intensive Course Requirements

All WI courses are required to satisfy the following:

Propose a New Writing Intensive Course

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