WI Course Approval Process

All WI courses must be approved by the Faulty Senate’s WAC Committee. To submit a course for approval, please fill out the WI Course Approval & Change Form (PDF or DOCX), then submit it with a sample course syllabus and other supporting documentation to wac@gmu.edu.

The course will be discussed at the next scheduled WAC Committee meeting.  We encourage those submitting to contact the WAC program to determine when the next scheduled meeting is, as all syllabi are reviewed by Committee members prior to attending the meeting.  As a result, we encourage syllabus submissions to occur at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting.

WAC Program staff are also happy to review syllabi and offer feedback prior to final submission for approval.  Though staff cannot ensure approval of all reviewed syllabi, we often can help expedite the approval process.  If you would like to have your syllabus reviewed by the staff, please send it to wac@gmu.edu at least two weeks prior to your intended final submission date.

Key Elements of a WI Syllabus

When WAC Committee members review a syllabus, they expect to see specific WI criteria articulated in the syllabus.  The key elements are as follows:

  • WI statement
  • A minimum of two formally graded writing assignments
  • 3,500 words of formally graded writing
  • The grading weight of writing assignments
  • A statement about faculty providing feedback on student writing
  • An opportunity for students to revise at least one major writing assignment based on faculty feedback

Members also carefully consider how writing assignments are sequenced and supported by the instructor and curriculum.