Below is a list of some of our most frequently received questions.  If you do not find the answer to your specific question, please feel free to contact the WAC Program by emailing us at wac@gmu.edu.

Many courses at Mason require writing, but only courses that have been approved by the WAC Faculty Senate Committee count toward the Writing Intensive Requirement of the Mason Core. For a full list of current courses that fulfill the requirements, please check the list of approved WI courses in the Mason Catalog.  Additional courses that have recently been approved might also appear on the Mason Core page.
Many faculty include writing assignments and discussions of writing in their courses for the rich opportunity writing about content material provides students as leaners. But, please note, only courses pre-approved by the WAC committee actually grant these credits to students. We know this can be confusing for faculty and students alike, so for faculty who include a great deal of writing in their courses that do not carry the official “WI Course designation” we suggest adapting one of the following statements for your syllabus.

This class is includes a good deal of writing as that is a pedagogical approach I value. It is not, however, a designated ‘WI course,’ because it has not been approved but the Faculty Senate’s WAC Committee to provide WI credits to students in the major.

This class uses writing as a form of learning—students will produce a substantial amount of text, discuss, workshop, and revise the writing they produce, and learn about the expectations for writers in the X major via our assignments. (Please note: This class does not carry the 'WI Course' designation that students need for graduation.)

Even though this class does not carry the ‘WI Course’ designation, this class includes a good deal of writing. Writing has been shown to deepen learning, especially helping to develop critical thinking skills. You will be asked to revise following my feedback and to demonstrate attention to the conventions of college-level writing.

This course employs writing as a principal method for understanding and making meaning out of course content. It does not carry the WI Course designation granted by the Faculty Senate WAC Committee.

Please consult with your department chair and curriculum committee, then review the WI criteria here as you design your new syllabus. Here is the full procedure for your convenience, which has the other required paperwork necessary to submit your syllabus for review.
Simply submit a new WI course approval form complete with the name of the course and the new/different major. If the syllabus has already been approved, this change does not need WAC Committee approval.
Send us an email, and we will remove it from the list. It may take longer to remove the course from the course catalog.
We are only able to add courses once a year during the spring when the course lists are updated. If your course has been approved, the WAC Program will follow through with listing the course in the catalog.
The WAC program works closely with administrators of the Mason Core to maintain a current list.  If you see anything that needs correction or amendment, please email us at wac@gmu.edu.
Please feel free to contact the Writing Across the Curriculum Program at wac@gmu.edu or 703-993-1187.