Faculty Resources

The resources provided on these pages are here to support you in your efforts to teach effectively with writing so that your students will achieve the learning and writing goals you set for them.

As teachers and engaged readers of our students’ writing in and across disciplines, we each play an important role in helping our students succeed as writers in college, and in their professional–and personal–lives outside of and beyond our college doors. We know from our own careers as writers that growth occurs over time and with experience in writing for a range of audiences in the varied genres of our disciplines, our workplaces, and our public lives. With practice and feedback from readers we trust, we’ve gained confidence in our voice and abilities. Still, we may struggle when we’re working out complex ideas and/or writing for unfamiliar audiences.

Student writers are no different; they need time, practice, and frequent opportunities to write across the curriculum if they are to become the fluent writers we want them to be. This means that writing instruction needs to be continuous throughout the students’ undergraduate education and that faculty in the majors share responsibility for helping students learn the conventions and rhetorical practices of their disciplines. As students are learning, we need to support their writing efforts, recognizing that we may see more errors as students attempt to think through and write about complex ideas.

The following are links to WAC resources: