Welcome to WAC at Mason

Statue of George Mason
A Fairfax campus landmark: George Mason,
writer of the Virginia Declaration of Rights,
a model for the Bill of Rights.

At our large state institution, we are proud of the culture of writing that has been created and fostered over the years by faculty, academic departments, and higher administration, all of whom share a commitment to student writers and writing in disciplines. Central to our WAC mission is the belief that when students are given frequent opportunities for writing across the university curriculum, they think more critically and creatively, engage more deeply in their learning, and are better able to transfer what they have learned from course to course, context to context.


  • Fall 2013 NEW:  We are delighted to welcome Michelle LaFrance as our new director.  We are equally sorry to bid farewell to Terry Zawacki, now Director Emerita and recipient of the 2013 David J. King Teaching Award for "significant, long-term contributions to the overall educational excellence of the university."
  • September 2013: Take a look at WAC Director Michelle LaFrance's recent coauthored article in The Chronicle of Higher Education: "It's the Little Things That Count in Teaching."
  • September 2013:  AND AGAIN!  For the 12th year in a row, Mason is one of only 19 schools on the U.S. News & World Report best-of list for Writing in the Disciplines.

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