Writers of Mason: Raven Royal


“Writing has always been my greatest strength. I have always had a connection with reading and writing over math and science. Being involved in extracurricular activities such as yearbook and eventually writing for the school paper, Fourth Estate, helped me to realize that I really enjoy it. In Honors 110, I did a research paper on a research question of my choice. I chose to write about Black women’s hairstyles and how they affect them within corporate America. I did a lot of research about different hairstyles and women who sued because they felt like they were being discriminated against at the workplace. It combined my love for journalism, as well as the research aspect and writing. My one piece of advice would be to write about anything you really care about, that’s really cool. You’ll get to know yourself as a writer, not only academically, but also as a whole.”

Raven Royal is an undergraduate student at GMU majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism.