Writers of Mason: Melissa Carroll

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.53.34 PM“Over the past two years, or the past two courses at least, I’ve kind of narrowed down and learned how to pull out things that are actually important and crossing out things that are just repetitive. I think it comes out especially when I read out loud, because I used to never do that before, especially in high school…But when you actually read it out loud, you’re like, ‘oh wait, I just said that!’ Or sometimes when you say things out loud it makes sense in your head, but when you actually go to write it down and you read it out again, you’re like “oh wait, that doesn’t really make sense.” So I think that has kind of helped my grammar, too, in a way. Just being able to read out loud, realizing, “oh that sounds the same,” and then picking and choosing what out of that doesn’t make sense.”

Melissa Carroll is a Criminology major and member of the Swim and Dive team.