Writers of Mason: Lacey Graybeal

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I need to set aside a chunk of time (at least an hour) to sit down and be able to organize my thoughts, to be able to flush those thoughts out, to be able to get them down on paper.  I’m not a person who can sit and organize my thoughts…or who can think through things and then write them down later. If I think through them, I need to write them down then. So it takes me a long time to think through and I need a longer amount of time to be able to organize that into written words. So I think my biggest advice to myself would be actually to make sure that I set aside chunks of time, which aren’t always easier to come by. And they are especially hard to come by… babies just don’t pay attention to scheduling, so that was tough!  But set aside a large enough amount of time that you’re making it worth it to sit down and write.”

Lacey Graybeal is a Grant consultant and obtained her Masters in Biology at Mason.