Writers of Mason: Justin “Turtle” Cromartie

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“My personal writing is usually just straight from my mind or my own emotions, cuz I do a lot of poetic writing, a lot of poetry, sonnets, stuff like that. So when I write a poem, for example, if I used too much of the same word or the rhyme scheme is off by a beat, I will go back and I will make those edits because I want it to be perfect. I love haikus and sonnets, but free verse is my specialty just cuz I don’t like structure. I also enjoy writing short stories, but I usually just come up with them off the top of my head. I never write them down because I feel like if you write it down, it kind of loses its value in a sense? Cuz if it’s an original story and you just come up with it right there, it has a lot more of a presence.”

Justin “Turtle” Cromartie is a sophomore studying Computer Game Design.