Writers of Mason: Danny Lim

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I wrote something about [Sergei] Rachmaninoff, my favorite composer, and I had to write about his works, his music, his background, and who he was as a person. I really enjoyed it because I really like playing his pieces. I really wanted to know more about him so I can get even deeper into his music. So I really enjoyed this writing. You have to understand the composer’s background–like when the piece was written, what was happening [in] the background, and how he was feeling. Because every note he wrote, they all connect with his life. He’s really meaningful to me in his music. I always cry, so since sometimes tears come on when I play his piece and even listen, researching about his life was really touching for me and I was honored to have this chance to learn about him more.”

Danny Lim is a piano performance music major at George Mason University.