Writers of Mason: Alana Hackes

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I think that my best attribute as a writer is being willing to learn and grow and accept constructive criticism. If I can find people to be my Beta readers or my editor’s or just to read it over and tell me what I could do better, that’s like gold to me. I eat that up. Some people are terrified with criticism, to which I say ‘you weren’t an English major in college.’ Because to be a good writer is to know that you need to become better. I think that what makes a good writer good is knowing that you need to become better and to accept and be open to constructive criticism. And to not only accept it but to yearn for it. I think the people who want to come better end up becoming better and that’s what you should strive for as a writer.”

Alana Hackes is an alumni with her Bachelor’s Degree in English (Writing and Rhetoric).