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Tell Your Writing Story

Join Mason’s Writing Across the Curriculum Program on Friday, October 20th to celebrate the National Day on Writing. Tell your writing story using #whyIwrite #whatIwrite #whereIwrite #whenIwrite #howIwrite to join in the nationwide celebration of writing in our everyday lives.


What motivates you to write? Are you trying to tell a story? Share an idea? Express an emotion? Convey information? Whether it’s a novel, a text, or a tweet, we use writing for many different reasons. What’s yours? Tweet @GeorgeMasonU using #whyIwrite to share your story.


Everyone is a writer, but we all write different things. Are you a poet? A blogger? Do you write research papers or proposals? Share your writing using #whatIwrite to help us explore the diversity of writing.


Where do you write? On your bed, in the library, outside. The possibilities are endless. Share your favorite writing spot by tweeting @GeorgeMasonU using #whereIwrite to help us map our writing spaces.


Sometimes inspiration strikes at midnight. Sometimes at 3AM. Sometimes over lunch. Or maybe inspiration is late and your deadline is approaching. When do you write? Tweet @GeorgeMasonU to tell your story using #whenIwrite.


How many drafts do you revise? Do you edit? Maybe you start with the first line of a story, or maybe you write the conclusion first. Share #howIwrite by tweeting @GeorgeMasonU to tell us your writing story.

Share in the celebration of writing this Friday, October 20th for the National Day on Writing by using these hashtags to share your writing story.

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