Writers of Mason: Leigh Harrison

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Writing is never fun; there are good days and bad days. But you do get a pride when you see something completed that’s good. You know, you can’t stop re-reading it because you’re like, ‘oh my goodness! I actually produced this and it works!’ But during it, when you’re not in those flow states, it really can be hard. What is it that Thomas Mann says? ‘A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.’  I think that that’s definitely true and that’s probably something that more students really need to know, because they, especially in a science-oriented place like this, they’re probably like, ‘oh well I’m just not a words person and there are people for whom it comes easy.’ It’s hard for all of us, actually. Thus, maybe we see the value? It’s more likely that there are people who are not numbers people.”

Leigh Harrison is the Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation relationships in the Office of University Advancement and Alumni Relations.