Writers of Mason: Indigo Eriksen

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“Now, more than ever, we need to write and we need to write in different ways and we need to support other writers. So if that means buying their chapbook, you need to buy their chapbook. If that means reading their work, you need to read their work. You need to teach their work if you’re in the position to teach it. You need to share the work. And you need to look for writers that are different than you; so different from the way you write or the things you write.  And especially, we need to read and discuss and share and support writers who don’t traditionally get that space. So it might be you know writers of color, women writers, poor writers, international writers, or novice writers. We just need to broaden what we think about when we think about who deserves to be read. You have an obligation, and so part of what makes a good community of writers strong is that you support everyone’s work.”

Indigo Eriksen is the Graduate Writing Coordinator at the Writing Center.