Resources for Student Writers

Our WAC and Writing Center websites, along with other writing program sites at institutions across the country, offer valuable resources for your student writers. Here we link you to our resources and others that we recommend.

Online Writing Guides[click to show/hide]
These disciplinary writing guides explain departmental expectations for writing in the majors and the types of writing typical of the major. The guides feature model writing with how-to instructions, individual teachers' expectations, and more.
Genre-Specific Writing Resources[click to show/hide]
These online writing resources have been selected to help students with specific genres of writing, including abstracts, annotated bibliographies, executive summaries, lab reports, literature reviews, memos, policy briefs, poster sessions, proposals, and resumés.
Revision[click to show/hide]
Critical Thinking[click to show/hide]
Resources for ESL Writers[click to show/hide]
The Mason University Writing Center lists online resources for ESL writers on its Resources web page.
Collaborative Writing[click to show/hide]
The New Century College has assembled a writing guide with resources for students working on collaborative writing projects, which address collaborative strategies, roles in collaboration, and academic integrity issues relating to collaboration.
Tips for Graduate Student Writers[click to show/hide]
Grammar and Punctuation[click to show/hide]
Purdue OWL Resources[click to show/hide]

Faculty Resources: