Practices, Resources, and Handouts for Faculty

These resources are designed to facilitate student / teacher interaction around writing. Each of the pages includes links to further reading from our Teaching with Writing Across the Curriculum newsletter.

Writing to Learn

"Teachers often hesitate to assign writing because they think that all writing has to be evaluated. However…"
Creating Clear Assignments
"The construction of a well-thought-out assignment is the foundation of a productive writing/learning experience…"
Evaluating and Grading
"As we read student writing we become aware of the "hidden" criteria we need to specify in subsequent assignments…"
Feedback Toward Revision
"Because the time we have to devote to feedback is limited…"
Peer Response Groups
"In order for peer groups to be productive…"
Collaborative Writing
"Collaborative writing assignments are compelling opportunities…"
Error Log and Checklist
Ask students to keep a personalized error log and checklist of common errors you notice.  They can also tailor it to specific assignments, classes. or types of writing.  This is a tool they can take with them throughout their studies.

Resources for Working with ESL Writers

In addition, you might recommend some of the following resources to students:

For resources specific to the kinds of writing that graduate students encounter, you might recommend some of the information listed below:

Faculty Resources: