National Writing Guides

Carleton College Quantitative Writing and Reasoning Guide

This site defines and gives examples of quantitative writing and offers sample assignments across disciplines.

Writing Guides at Colorado State University

Topic-specific help for writing in the Humanities, Business, Biology, and Engineering.

Writing Guides from Columbia College

Writing guides for Communication, Dance, English, History, Math, Modern Languages, and Visual Arts.

Materials for Students from the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric at Dartmouth University

A compilation of writing resources, with guides covering topics such as "Writing the Academic Paper," "Writing in the Humanities," "Writing in the Social Sciences," "Writing in the Sciences," and "Using Sources," as well as containing materials addressing disciplinary writing for Biology, Chemistry, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion, Music, Film, Art History, and English.

Department by Department Reference Guide to Writing in the Disciplines at Marquette

Links to writing guides in fourteen disciplines from Biology to Theology.

Writing Guides from Oregon State University

Departmental writing guides for:

Writing Guides in the Disciplines at the University of Richmond

Writing guides in numerous disciplines including Biology, Classics, French, History, Journalism, Political Science, and Psychology.

Other Writing Guides

Faculty Resources: