Mason’s WAC Committee

The WAC committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, charged with overseeing the writing-intensive (WI) requirements in the major. As such, the committee works closely with the director of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program to articulate and refine the requirements for WI courses; to review WI syllabi to determine compliance with these requirements; to approve existing or new courses that degree programs propose to meet WI requirements; and to assist with activities and events related to writing across the curriculum.

The committee consists of an elected representative from each of the academic units, as well as ex officio members, including the Director of the WAC Program and others who are asked to serve based on their expertise and/or vested interest in student writing across the curriculum.

Faculty Senate Committee Members (college/school represented – end of term, spring)

  • Gregory Robinson (WAC Committee Chair, CVPA – 2017)
  • Stanley Zoltek (COS – 2018)
  • Kamaljeet Sanghera (VSE – 2018)
  • Douglas Irvin-Erickson (S-CAR – 2018)
  • Misty Krell (CHSS – 2018)
  • David Gallay (B-School – 2017)
  • Margaret Miklancie (CHHS – 2017)
  • Kristien Zenkov (CEHD – 2017)
  • Michelle La France (WAC Program Director, ex-officio)
  • Thomas Polk (WAC Program Assistant Director, ex-officio)

Consultants to the Committee

  • Charlene Douglas (President, Faculty Senate)
  • Julie Stoll (INTO Mason Language Specialist)
  • Peggy Brouse (Systems Engineering)
  • Susan Lawrence (Director, Writing Center)
  • Karyn Mallet (English Language Institute)
  • Larry Rockwood (Biology)
  • Lorelei Crerar (Biology)
  • Jacquelyn Brown (B-School)
  • Ellen Rodgers (CEHD)
  • Sarah Baker (English – NVWP)
  • Jen Stevens (University Libraries)
  • Bethany Usher (Center for Teaching Excellence, OSCAR)
  • Laura Lukes (Center for Teaching Excellence)
  • Jessie Matthews (Composition)